Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wk 2 Class Notes

Photoshop : View > Pixel Aspect Ratio Aspect

What makes it widescreen is the shape of the pixel.
 *Make sure to embed color.

We want:
720 X 480 with the widescreen pixel  
NTSC DV Widescreen



DVD Studio
Layered Menus
Will allow more unique hover states. But you couldn't have special video/audio. There is a little delay time when the disc loads because it has to load all the layers for each of the hover states.

Overlay layer: Make one for everything that gets selected. Only 1 layer for everything that gets changes/selected. Make it black and white, no color.

1. Drag and drop the psd file into the menu file
2. Point to the overlay layer
3. Draw Button field area, (turn normal off) select the color.
(dvd menu has no anti-aliasing)

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