Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Class Notes

Collapse all the layers
Make an overlay layer with the button hover states (black)
Save as a copy
Embed the color profile when you save

in DVD studio
New Project
Select Outline tab at the top
Drag your psd file into the grey area on the left (where all the folders are - the assets page)
Select your menu and drag that onto the screen (the main stage area on the right)

To resize :
Go to the menu tab (to make this window appear you have have the menu folder selected on the left)
In the menu tab you to Display Mode  and select 16:9 Letterbox or 16:9 Proscan and Letterbox

For the Overlay buttons
On the generals tabs, near the bottom you will see overlay file. And you will see the name of your file.
Underneath that you see overlay layer and you want to select the name of the overlay layer.

In the Outline tab
Select the dvd icon at the top.
Then in the window that pops up on the right you can rename your dvd in the NAME box.
You can select First play (that is the screen that pops up when you first play the disc)

Have a portion of the video to put into our menu.

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