Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wk 1 Class Notes: Criteria / Interface Examples

   Design Aesthetic
          > Consistency
   Reflects the Movie

2001 Space OdysseyGhetto Version
bad typography
Static Menu
Does not show everything you would expect to see, only has the bare minimum.
No Special Features section.
When you change languages it is not reflected in the interface titles.
>What do you expect to see in the main interface page?

2001 Space Odyssey Special Edition
Better composition
No Active state
>What function does an intro video have? What would the effect be if you have not already seen the movie?

Intro movie, looped section. It looked like the movie was just starting.
Motion Menu
Mimics the reverse order strangeness of the movie, if you have some understanding of the movie the interface makes more sense.
>How much should the menu reflect the movie, prior to viewing the movie?
>After you've seen the movie how much should it reflect?

Not super navigatable
 Interesting design but it doesn't reflect the design aesthetics of the movie as good as it could.
It looks cool.

Bringing Up Baby
Not a lot going on probably because of ROI

The Interface fits on an 4x3 View Port

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