Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Class Notes

Collapse all the layers
Make an overlay layer with the button hover states (black)
Save as a copy
Embed the color profile when you save

in DVD studio
New Project
Select Outline tab at the top
Drag your psd file into the grey area on the left (where all the folders are - the assets page)
Select your menu and drag that onto the screen (the main stage area on the right)

To resize :
Go to the menu tab (to make this window appear you have have the menu folder selected on the left)
In the menu tab you to Display Mode  and select 16:9 Letterbox or 16:9 Proscan and Letterbox

For the Overlay buttons
On the generals tabs, near the bottom you will see overlay file. And you will see the name of your file.
Underneath that you see overlay layer and you want to select the name of the overlay layer.

In the Outline tab
Select the dvd icon at the top.
Then in the window that pops up on the right you can rename your dvd in the NAME box.
You can select First play (that is the screen that pops up when you first play the disc)

Have a portion of the video to put into our menu.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wk 2 Class Notes

Photoshop : View > Pixel Aspect Ratio Aspect

What makes it widescreen is the shape of the pixel.
 *Make sure to embed color.

We want:
720 X 480 with the widescreen pixel  
NTSC DV Widescreen



DVD Studio
Layered Menus
Will allow more unique hover states. But you couldn't have special video/audio. There is a little delay time when the disc loads because it has to load all the layers for each of the hover states.

Overlay layer: Make one for everything that gets selected. Only 1 layer for everything that gets changes/selected. Make it black and white, no color.

1. Drag and drop the psd file into the menu file
2. Point to the overlay layer
3. Draw Button field area, (turn normal off) select the color.
(dvd menu has no anti-aliasing)


Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Leave enough room on the sides for smaller width viewports.
In other words stay away from the outer edges and within the guides.

Make a design and bring it in next week.

Photoshop >  FILE: New  >  >  Preset:Film & Video   >   NTSC DV Widescreen

  • Play
  • Scenes, Scene Selections
  • Features, Special Features, Bonus
  • Languages
  • {trailer, intro,supplements, bonus stuffs}

Wk 1 Class Notes: Criteria / Interface Examples

   Design Aesthetic
          > Consistency
   Reflects the Movie

2001 Space OdysseyGhetto Version
bad typography
Static Menu
Does not show everything you would expect to see, only has the bare minimum.
No Special Features section.
When you change languages it is not reflected in the interface titles.
>What do you expect to see in the main interface page?

2001 Space Odyssey Special Edition
Better composition
No Active state
>What function does an intro video have? What would the effect be if you have not already seen the movie?

Intro movie, looped section. It looked like the movie was just starting.
Motion Menu
Mimics the reverse order strangeness of the movie, if you have some understanding of the movie the interface makes more sense.
>How much should the menu reflect the movie, prior to viewing the movie?
>After you've seen the movie how much should it reflect?

Not super navigatable
 Interesting design but it doesn't reflect the design aesthetics of the movie as good as it could.
It looks cool.

Bringing Up Baby
Not a lot going on probably because of ROI

The Interface fits on an 4x3 View Port


Overview of the DVD interface / comparison of approaches to the medium
Homework: Design a main menu for a film

Basic authoring I / submenus and design unity
Homework: Design a complete menu set to go with your main menu

Basic authoring II / working with video and tracks
Homework: Author a basic DVD with your menu set, begin to add video

WEEK 4          
Motion menus
Homework: Incorporate video into your menus, complete incorporation of video on tracks

Project completion and review
Homework: None

Scripting and interactivity I
Homework: Begin work on advanced project

Scripting and interactivity II and slide shows
Homework: Continue advanced project, incorporating scripting and slide shows

Stories and alternate tracks
Homework: Continue advanced project, incorporating stories and alternate tracks

Managing size with respect to DVD media / Hints and tips
Homework: Continue advanced project

Hints and tips / TBA
Homework: Continue advanced project

Turn in advanced project in person and Project review